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  • What is the difference in Indoor Soft Pro and Indoor Premium?

    The Premium cover is made of thick material, which allows it to protect your car from all harsh conditions that could damage the vehicle indoors. Our covers are made of durable and breathable fabric, which protects your vehicle from damages that could result from condensed vapour accumulation, such as rust.

    The indoor Soft Pro car cover is made of 180 gsm lycra blended satin material, which gives your car comprehensive protection and ensures that the cover clings to your car’s contours at all time. You can count on it to offer your vehicle tight protection against dust, pollutant, and scratches, thus ensuring that your vehicle leaves the garage in as good condition as it was when you parked it there.

  • What is the difference between Outdoor cover and Indoor cover

    The main difference is that Outdoor covers are waterproof but Indoor covers can only protect the car from dust and scratches.

  • What is the differnece between inddor basic car cover and the indoor premium?

    Indoor Basic is made of a lighter material, which is Spandex 160 gsm and can be used for a normal, neat environment.
    Indoor Premium, however, has the strongest protection feature and is made of Spandex 210 gsm, and can be used for dusty environments, where chances of scratching are possible.

  • What is the diference between Outdoor PRO and Outdoor all seasons?

    The Outdoor PRO should be used for temperatures below 70°F / 21°C and is the most ideal for long term winter storage.
    The Outdoor All Seasons is designed to protect your car all year round. It is also an excellent choice to protect your car from strong UV rays and can be considered as a basic hail protection cover.

    Outdoor All Seasons also have the additional feature of having an inner soft layer. For Outdoor PRO this feature can be upgraded.

    Outdoor All Seasons is heavy and high-density material.
    Outdoor PRO is a lightweight strong and high-density material.

    Outdoor All Season comes with the zip opener
    from driver’s door side (right in ZA, UK and AU, left
    for FR) this is the great feature when you wish to access your car without taking off the cover.

  • What is the difference between Outdoor PRO and Outdoor Basic

    The Outdoor PRO is made of high-density material and provides great protection against all kinds of outdoor hazard, which makes it ideal for long term winter storage. Plus it the best option for you if you are looking for a waterproof cover. The Outdoor Basic is a lightweight and versatile cover, but you can trust that it will do the job and protect your vehicle in all climates.


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