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  • What is the difference between the Indoor Premium Pro and the Indoor Premium?

    Both products are made of soft and elastic materials. If you wish to protect your car only from dust or scratches, the Indoor Premium Pro will be more suitable. However, if you are afraid that children or animals scratch your car while it is parked in the garage, the best option is the Indoor Premium as it is fabricated with thicker material than the Indoor Premium Pro.

  • What is the difference between Outdoor cover and Indoor cover

    The outdoor car covers are designed for outdoor usage and protect the vehicle from rain, dirt, dust, UV rays, bird droppings, and other unexpected incidents. Indoor covers are created to protect the vehicle parked in the garage for long-term storage, in addition to protection against dust and scratches in an indoor environment. Also, indoor covers are breathable and suitable to use in garages and car storage units without AC.

  • What is the differnece between the Indoor Basic Car Cover and the Indoor Premium?

    The Indoor Basic is comprised of a lighter material used for a normal, neat environment. The Indoor Premium, however, has a strong protection feature used for dusty environments where chances of car scratches are high.

  • What is the difference between Outdoor PRO and Outdoor Basic?

    The Outdoor PRO is made of high-density material and provides great protection against all kinds of outdoor hazard, which makes it ideal for long term winter storage. Plus it the best option for you if you are looking for a waterproof cover. The Outdoor Basic is a lightweight and versatile cover, but you can trust that it will do the job and protect your vehicle in all climates.

  • What is the difference between the Outdoor PRO and the Outdoor All Seasons?

    Both products are comprised of high-density and strong materials with waterproof coating. If you wish to protect your car from bad weather conditions, rain, snow, UV rays and wind, and you prefer the lighter option, the Outdoor Pro suits this case. It protects the vehicle from UV rays in high temperatures up to 40°C. If you need to park your car for an extensive period in which bad weather conditions are expected, the Outdoor All Season is the best option as it is fabricated with a thicker and durable material. The Outdoor All Season also comes with a zip opener from the driver's car door which is a great feature if you wish to access your car without taking off the cover. 


Cover Protection

  • Do the covers protect the vehicle from hail?

    The covers are not created to protect a vehicle from hail, but as the Outdoor All Season cover material boasts thick and durable material, it remains the favorable option.

  • Can car covers cause rust?

    No, car covers alone cannot cause rust. This case can only occur if you immediately cover a wet vehicle. To prevent this from happening, be sure to dry your vehicle properly prior to using the cover.

  • Do covers cause rust after removing them from vehicles parked under the sun?

    Our covers are fabricated with a soft material that absorbs the possible sweat of the vehicle and hence prevents rust from occurring.

  • Would the cover protect my car from heavy wind?

    The Outdoor Pro and the Outdoor All Seasons are the best options for this situation. Both products come with a lock located underneath the car to keep the cover in place and protect the vehicle from heavy winds. Also, our covers have an elastic band in the frond and the rear parts. Moreover, all outdoor covers have straps and buckles that will attach the cover around the tyres to protect it from wind and keep the cover attached to the car.

  • Which cover color can protect my car from the sun?

    All outdoor car covers protect car from UV rays, however the silver color has UV rays reflectiveness. If you wish to protect your vehicle specifically from UV rays, the silver color is the most suitable for this case. 

  • Are the outdoor covers 100% waterproof?

    All outdoor covers are waterproof, but the level of waterproof coating varies between the products.

  • Do the cover come with an inner soft layer?

    The extra protection upgrade feature for the Outdoor PRO includes an inner soft layer, whereas the Outdoor All Season cover alreayd comes along with an inner soft layer.

  • What type of lock do the covers have?

    Our Outdoor Pro and Outdoor All Seasons come with a bonus kit that includes a lockset. The Outdoor Basic cover has an upgrade feature that includes the lock. All of the locks are of high quality, and they open with a key rather than a code.


  • How do I choose the best cover for my car?

    The outdoor car covers are the best choices if your vehicle is parked outside. If your vehicle is usually parked in an indoor area, our indoor covers are the best solution to protection it from dirt and dust. For more information about the difference between our car covers, please check the Difference section of the FAQs.

  • Can I clean the cover?

    It is highly recommended that you clean your cover time to time. You can either wash it by hand or use a washing machine (note: how you wash your car cover depends on the type you purchase). Make sure to pay extra attention to the care instructions of your cover to ensure the cover is cleaned properly. In addition, the indoor car covers are washable using a machine, whereas the outdoor car covers are easily cleaned with a hosepipe.

  • My cover is parked in the garage, but water drops from the ceiling straight on my car. Will the indoor covers help to protect my car?

    The indoor covers are not waterproof will not protect your cover from leakage. In this case, we suggest you purchase an outdoor cover.

  • Do covers come with mirror pockets?

    Our covers are specifically created to protect your car mirrors without pocketing them. Mirror pockets are excluded from the cover because they tend to be unnecessary and often rip the first part of a car cover. This feature ensures that the car cover provides maximum durability. Moreover, we are creating car covers without mirror pockets to make the best fitting for your car.

  • Do indoor covers come with a lock?

    No, locks are only dedicated to outdoor products.

  • Which one of the indoor products has the most beneficial features?

    Both the Indoor Premium Pro and the Indoor Premium are fabricated with soft and elastic materials. If you wish to protect your car only from dust or scratches, the Indoor Soft Pro is the best option. However, if you are concerned that children or animals scratch your car when it is parked in the garage, the Indoor Premium is more favorable because it is comprised of thicker material. Moreover, if you opt to do a car presentation, you can buy the Indoor Luxury (Reveal) Car Cover.

  • My car is always parked outside, especially under poor weather conditions, and I need to protect it. Which product do you recommend?

    All of our outdoor covers are waterproof and have the protection feature including the Outdoor PRO and the Outdoor All Seasons, which are among our best sellers for rain and snow protection.

  • Are custom fit covers tailored specifically for my vehicle model?

    Our covers are semi custom tailored based on the length, width and height of your vehicle. If your car has any modifications such as spoiler and splitter, make sure to inform our team regarding this as well as the specific dimensions of your vehicle.

  • I have a huge car. Would the price differ based on the car size?

    Yes, the prices vary as we use either more or less material in the process of production. The manufacturing duration is another factor, thus explains the difference in price. If the cover for your car model is not available on our website and we agree to fabricate one for your vehicle, we will inform you about the extra payment if necessary.

  • What should I do if I don't see a cover for my specific car model?

    You can choose a similar car model and mention your exact car model in the Additional Note section of the checkout page. Information about your car model is important to provide you with the best fit. Covers are modified based on the car’s exact dimensions as stated by the manufacturer. Contact our support team through the live chat, and they will help you make the right choice.

  • Can one person install on the cover?

    Yes. It's important to mention that our covers come with a front tag that will make it easy for you to find the front part.

  • My car is parked in my garage. Do I need a cover?

    Car covers are useful even if the vehicle is parked in an indoor area. Car covers serve as shields that protect your vehicle from dust, weather, animals, children, and more. It’s always a good idea to invest in a car cover no matter how old or new your vehicle is.

Return and Refund

  • What is the refund time duration?

    The return process may take from 2-6 weeks once we receive your package at the fulfillment centre, inspect your return, and complete your refund.

  • When can I cancel my order?

    You can cancel your order within 24 hours after the payment.
    Note that the free cancellation policy will NOT be available after 24 hours.
    A 30% charge will be applied when cancelling within 3 business days after placing the order.

  • How is the return postage handled?

    Please note that we are not responsible for the costs of returning the items to us unless we accidentally delivered the item to you. This includes the following reasons: either the cover was sent to you by mistake, or you received the cover in a damaged condition.