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🚚 Free Shipping 📞 24/7 Technical Support 💲 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee


With the ultimate in-car entertainment system!


Why Every Vehicle Owner
Needs An Apple CarPlay /Android Auto

The CarPlay module allows you to upgrade your vehicle with the best modern infotainment, giving you access to must-have apps and features like navigation, music, messaging, and more. It’s a safer and more convenient way to use the power of your smartphone while driving, with a user-friendly interface built for the road.

Benefits of CarPlay Modules (Unlocked Apps)

With CarPlay, you’ll enjoy easy navigation, be able to stream YouTube and Netflix, download and run any app just like on your phone, and save videos directly to your system! 


  • Perfect for family enjoyment
  • Easy navigation access
  • Easy smartphone integration


What Is An Apple Carplay Module?

CarPlay helps transform your driving experience by bringing modern entertainment features to your car’s head unit dashboard. Enjoy easy navigation, stream YouTube and Netflix, and receive notifications wirelessly. Enjoy a better, more convenient driving experience and keep your family entertained, all while storing your favorite content easily and safely.

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What Is A Tesla-style Carplay Screen?

Tesla-Style Screen: A Bigger and Smarter Solution

The Tesla-Style Screen is a bigger, better, and smarter solution. The Tesla-Style screen is the perfect upgrade for vehicles with outdated head units in desperate need of replacement. Featuring a contemporary iPad-style design, it offers excellent integration capabilities for both your car's factory features and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Enjoy videos, music, and access all your apps on a larger screen, without the need for a wired phone connections!

Keep All Your Factory Functions


All factory car cameras work with our screens and modules.


Use all of your car's buttons and controls as normal



Use your car's touchpads and joysticks as normal.



Continue to use all factory microphones for uninterrupted calls.


Maintain full touchscreen functionality with our car screens and modules.


6.Wheel Controls

Retain full steering wheel entertainment controls with our car screens.




"I was super excited with a hassle-free installation of car head unit upgrade. It's working super smooth, all apps are running fast! Greatest upgrade for my car ever"



"I purchased this system over three months ago. It's incredibly easy to use. My kids love the rear seat monitor, and the navigation is super smooth"

Adrian Gough


"What I love most is that I don't need to connect my phone with wires anymore. The system works fast and connects my phone as soon as I start the car."



"This is my second purchase from Yeloos. They supplied a Tesla screen for my wife's Mustang. This head unit upgrade is fantastic—super smooth, and I can run all apps just like on my phone."


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What Our Customers Say

jamesfr Installed in my Lexus LX. Easy installation, even adding the PC board in the original screen was straightforward. The unit is small enough that it tucked in just above the factory stereo head unit. I went for the optional wireless connection feature,

adamc3046 Straightforward installation. Great customer service for all my questions and quick to respond. It works seamlessly with my Pathfinder, and it's easy to toggle back and forth when needed. Highly recommend to keep the OE look with more modern

murdered.6.4 Love this product. I'm able to have an Android tablet in my car and wireless Android Auto while still retaining all OEM functionality and appearance. I also purchased a new screen, and the colors are so much better than the OEM screen. With the addition of a

Anthony W. Super happy with this purchase! Apple CarPlay works perfectly, easy installation, Yeloos team were very supportive!

je_Idnm I love the wireless connectivity for both Apple CarPlay and androi  @yeloos.com thanks!



Ma_nl34 Working great. Yeloos communicated properly throughout the whole process. I had some issues during the installation and was put in contact with one of their engineers, and I managed to solve the issue quite fast. I recommend 100%.

Carplay Module in Action

Enjoy effortless integration with CarPlay, stream YouTube and Netflix, download and run any app just like on your phone, and save videos directly to your system!

It’s great for long trips with the family. Everyone can enjoy their favorite shows while you navigate effortlessly, and easily access all your apps. Say goodbye to outdated car technology for good.

Upgrade your car's experience and appearance by integrating your smartphone without wires. Become the proud owner of a fully upgraded entertainment system!

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DIY Installation

We check our database for your car's details. If needed, we'll contact you for specific model variations. This process ensures we gather all the necessary information to match your car with the correct product.


Professional Installation

We also recommend the best local installers from our global network, including most US states.

We double-check all the technical details of your car and contact you if additional information is needed. Our 2-3 day process ensures every product is thoroughly tested for optimal performance.

Installation Experts Worldwide

We have an extensive partnership network of Professional Car Mechanics & Auto Accessory Installers all over the globe who can install the product for you!

We will check the Certified Installation Experts database and find the closest one in your area!



Turn every car ride into an entertainment-packed adventure with our CarPlay integration and Tesla screen. Both systems offer simple connections to rear-seat monitors, ensuring your kids stay entertained throughout the journey.


They can watch their favorite movies, shows, and play games, making long drives enjoyable for the whole family. Keep the back seat busy while you focus on the road, knowing your children are engaged and happy. Whether it's a quick trip to the store or a cross-country adventure, our technology turns your vehicle into a hub of entertainment, perfect for kids of all ages.



Enjoy a better driving experience with the endless possibilities of our CarPlay integration and Tesla screen. Both systems allow you to run your favorite apps, keeping your passengers entertained no matter where you go.


From streaming the latest movies to accessing real-time navigation, you’ll provide a ride that’s both engaging and enjoyable for everyone on board.

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All our products maintain your car's existing features, ensuring that the new functionality does not interfere with those installed by your car manufacturers.

When you shift into reverse, the system automatically switches back to the original factory camera. Our product does not conflict with your factory camera.

Yes, you can use your radio while using the CarPlay product!

If your car model is listed on our website, the product is supported. We may contact you for additional details regarding your car's options.

We have been in the car infotainment industry since 2010, supplying products to companies worldwide. Our team ensures that we deliver the correct product for your car. During installation, we provide support and assistance.

We offer professional technical support included free of charge with your order. Contact us to schedule a consultation, and we will guide you through the installation step by step.

If your car is not listed, contact us. We may have a solution that is not represented on our website.

Each car has unique specifications and variations. We require processing time to prepare and test your orders, typically 2-3 days. If you upgrade for extra storage/RAM, an additional day is needed to configure your order before shipping.

Our warranty process is straightforward. If an issue arises while using the product, we will identify and resolve it promptly. In case of trouble, we will replace the product at no additional cost.


We care about what we do, and we believe in building valuable and meaningful relationships with our customers. That’s why we’ve dedicated our time, effort and resources to offering the best car upgrades. Don’t settle for average when you could have the best car multimedia upgrades on the market.

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