Car care: How to keep your car looking new

Christian Petterson

October 26, 2023

Car maintenance is no joke. 


Regular checkups, checking all the fluids, the engine, the breaks, and all the rest, is essential for your safety. Never overlook the time to see a mechanic. 


But what about the car's exterior? It’s also important to keep an eye on the car paint and make sure it’s protected in the best way possible. The same goes for the interior of the car. Car seats and mats have to be kept clean and tidy. 


But more often than not, these tasks pose a challenge for us mere mortals, who have very many things to do during the day. 


So for all of you busy bees out there, here are some tips on how to keep the car exterior and interior protected. 

Car exterior: Protecting the paint

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When it comes to car paint protection, there are a few tips that immediately come to mind. 


Let’s go through the list, and you can see which of these recommendations sound reasonable enough for you to follow:


1. Washing is preventing! 


Washing is number one in the car paint maintenance tips. It is also an important step in making sure your vehicle looks pristine. 


What kind of impression does your car give out if it’s unwashed? Well, you guessed it. More than that, washing the paint, together with the tyres and all the mirrors, is not only about the looks. 


There are contaminants all around us, so keeping dust, dirt, and other contaminants on the car for long means damaging your paint and shortening the car’s happy life. A weekly wash is much easier than a paint job. To discover effective car washing tips and how to maintain a clean vehicle, check out our article on washing your car for lasting cleanliness.


car wash with sponge
car washing with hose

2. Don’t overlook drying


If you are one of those people who keep thinking the car is fine to dry on its own, think again. Yes, nothing life-changing will happen if you don’t dry your car manually, but still, it’s an important part of car paint protection


The water drops that dry on their own accord leave marks on the windshield, the mirrors and the paint itself. Plus, depending on your area, the water might have high mineral content. 


This means that the minerals that are left on the paint after the wash will continue damaging the car paint. 


3. Wax the car thoroughly. 


Waxing provides lots of benefits for your car paintwork protection. It is recommended to use wax every 6 to 8 months. This process offers protection from UV rays, dust, scratches and other contaminants. 


Whether your objective is new car paint protection or preservation of old paint for as long as possible, wax is your #1 friend. Use the brand that is approved and tested, and you won’t be disappointed in the results. 



4. Paint protection film


This technology is used widely in many countries. It is simply a layer of clear film that goes over the car, much like the film that’s put on the windows. As a part of new car protection recommendations, it is really great and hassle-free. 

5. Car protection cover


Now that we’ve mentioned all the other procedures, it’s high time to mention car covers. 


A car protection cover is the greatest way to increase car paintwork protection, especially if you have to park outside. Car covers are diverse and versatile, so when it comes to car paint protection market has plenty of covers to offer. 


There are covers for the outdoors and indoors. The outdoor covers are typically waterproof, but depending on the conditions, you might need a tougher or a lighter one. 


For a comprehensive guide on the various types of car covers and their suitable uses, feel free to explore our detailed resource: A Complete Guide On Car Cover Types And Their Use. This guide will provide you with valuable information on selecting the right car cover for your specific requirements, ensuring your car's paintwork remains well-protected.

car cover protection for vehicle

Winter car protection requires a more sophisticated solution than the other conditions. It has to be thick, waterproof, and resistant to tear and wear. 


If your problem is how to protect car paint from sun, and UV rays, in particular, a light cover will do. With a breathable fabric and tight fit. If you are wondering how to protect your car paintwork from scratches and dust in the garage, get an indoor cover. To further assist you in maintaining your car's condition year-round, we have compiled a set of additional tips on car storage during winter and summer.

Here are some recommendations we can provide on various car covers, so your car is well protected, and you get peace of mind, knowing regardless of where you have parked it, it’s not going to get damaged. 

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Here are some recommendations we can provide on various car covers, so your car is well protected, and you get peace of mind, knowing regardless of where you have parked it, it’s not going to get damaged. 

Car Cover

Outdoor Car Covers



Car Cover

Indoor Car Covers



Car Cover

Outdoor Car Covers



Car interior protection

Car exterior is undoubtedly essential to maintain, but so is the interior. Our seats and car mats take a hard blow from all those dirty boots, sticky fingers, and spilt drinks. 


So what are the top tips for keeping the car interior clean and looking new? 


Let’s find out. 


1. Declutter the car regularly


We are all guilty of one crime or another when it comes to car maintenance, but the most widespread culprit behind the dreadful interiors is clutter. It accumulates quietly and gets noticeable only when a major cleaning is already due. 


So try not to let it take charge and make a rule of cleaning out your car at least once a week — small receipts, crumbs, pieces of paper that we no longer need. Also, empty water bottles and other junk that we’ve meant to get rid of. 


It’s a good rule of thumb to keep a small waste bin in the car so that whenever you have something on your seat that shouldn’t be there, you can chuck it straight in the bin. This leaves the car floor ready for a quick vacuum and prevents stains on the seats from all those candy wrappers! 

2. Keep cleaning products in the car


It’s a great idea to keep at least a bottle of cleaning solution and a wiping cloth in the car. It will help you reduce the damage after spills, clean the minor dirt on the spot and generally maintain a neater atmosphere in the interior. 


Plus, whenever you need to give your mirrors an extra swipe, the cloth is right there to help you. 

3. Use car mats


The car's interior, especially the floor, is susceptible to damage from various sources, including harsh weather and debris we carry in on our shoes, like water, mud, dirt, leaves, and more. To safeguard your car's interior, consider using car mats, a fundamental element of car interior protection. Whether you prefer rubber, leather, or carpet car mats, they offer easy maintenance, simple installation, and the option for customization with colors and prints to give your car a distinctive look. Below are some suggestions for affordable and stylish car mats, ensuring car interior protection.

4. Regular Vacuuming


Frequent vacuuming helps remove dirt, dust, and debris from carpets and upholstery. Use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to ensure a thorough clean. Don't forget to vacuum under the seats and in tight corners.


 5. Use Air Fresheners


Keep the interior smelling fresh by using car air fresheners. Choose scents that you enjoy and make sure to replace them when they lose their effectiveness.



6. Window Tinting


Consider window tinting to protect your car's interior from harmful UV rays. Tinted windows can also keep the cabin cooler on hot days.


7. Leather Care


If your car has leather seats or interior trim, use a quality leather conditioner to prevent drying and cracking. Regular maintenance can extend the life of your leather components.

8. Organize with Car Organizers


Invest in car organizers to keep your essentials like maps, sunglasses, and charging cables neatly stored. This helps reduce clutter and keeps things within easy reach.



9. Sunshade Use


Use a sunshade to protect your dashboard from the sun's harsh rays. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause the dashboard to crack and fade.



Now you’ve had some advice on how to take care of your car properly, you can prolong its life and well-being. 


Don’t forget to visit your local mechanic for regular maintenance and drive safe!


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