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Ford Car Cover

Have you ever wondered what could protect your car from the harshest weather conditions, dust and dirt? Then wonder no more! We have the best solution for you - Ford car covers that will be there all year round to ensure your car's long life and incredible look! The first step towards protecting your investment from all kinds of hazards that mother nature subjects your vehicle to is to look at the best vehicle covers for Ford and get the one based on your needs and requirements. 



" Wanted to give a big shout out to @autolover.co.uk  for the cover ! Fits perfectly and keeps my car nice and clean! "  @murdered.6.4                

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Protect Your Car with Outdoor Covers
Weather-Ready - Our outdoor car covers are built to withstand the UK weather, keeping your car safe from rain, snow, and more.
Tailored for Your Car - We take the precise dimensions of your car model, as specified by the manufacturer, and customize the cover to provide a snug and secure fit, ensuring optimal protection.

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Benefits of Using Ford Outdoor Car Cover

Outdoor car covers are a must-have for protecting your valuable investment. Designed to withstand the elements, they are suitable for all vehicles. We offer semi-custom covers that provide optimal protection while maintaining a sleek appearance. 

  • Superior Protection 
  • Preserve Appearance
  • Cost-Effective Maintenance


"I purchased this wonderful cover for over three months ago. It's incredibly easy to fit onto the car, with wind buckles and clips ensuring a secure attachment. The car cover provides protection against knocks and dust, whether stored in the garage or parked outside."

Adrian Gough

"An outstanding car cover that provides exceptional protection and convenience. I highly recommend it to all car owners who value quality and peace of mind.'


"The cover fits the car really well, is extremely soft, and comes with a great carrying case. I would definitely recommend it to anyone requiring reliable protection for their cars indoors."


I was super excited with a hassle-free installation of this indoor car cover, with its high level of protection against dust, scratches while my car parked in the garage.


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Get the Best Protection for Your Car
Designed with quality in mind - Our indoor car covers are crafted to fit like a glove, keeping dust, scratches, and wear at bay.
Easy to Use and Store - Our indoor car covers are hassle-free to put on and take off, and they come with a convenient storage bag for your convenience.
Invest in the best for your car today!

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30 Days Return

5 Years Warranty

Benefits of Using an Indoor Car Cover

Safeguard your cherished vehicle from dust, dirt, and scratches with our top-notch indoor car covers, ensuring it remains in impeccable condition throughout the year. Explore the benefits of investing in an indoor car cover.

  • Dust Protection
  • Scratch Prevention
  • Enhanced Shine
  • Cost-Effective Maintenance

What Our Customers Say

jamescfr Absolutely chuffed with my new @autolover.co.uk indoor car cover! It's the perfect solution for keeping my cars spotless and secure. #AutoEnthusiast

adamc3046 All Clean and tucked away in my new @autolover.co.uk indoor cover.

I’ve now got one for the Cobra and one for the MG too!

murdered.6.4 Wanted to give a big shout out to @autolover.co.uk  for the cover ! Fits perfectly and keeps my car nice and clean!Taking it off feels like unwrapping on Christmas Day.

Anthony W. I've tried other covers, but this one is top-notch. It protects my car from dust and keeps it looking showroom-ready. Fantastic purchase!

je_Idnm Keeping the M3 super-fresh this winter with the  @autolover.co.uk car cover... Be it indoors, or outdoors they've got you covered


Ma_nl34 The @autolover.co.uk indoor car cover is a game-changer! My car stays pristine, and it's effortless to use. Highly recommend!

Two thumbs up!

How to Choose Ford Cover?


Consider where you park your vehicle

For starters, you may pick the right cover considering where you park your vehicle; there are different covers available for cars parked indoors and outdoors because these serve to protect the vehicle from specific elements depending on the parking area.

So there are 2 major types of car covers, indoor and outdoor car covers.


Choose the level of protection you need

Outdoor Car Covers: Outdoor car covers protect your car from the rain, dirt, UV rays and other elements of weather, as well as scratches and dents. Outdoor covers differ by their level of waterproofness, strength, weight and some other features, that you can see in the comparison chart.

Indoor Car Covers: Indoor car covers protect your car from dust and scratches. The levels of protection you can find in the comparison chart in the down below.


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We take pride in what we do, and we firmly believe in building a valuable and meaningful long-term relationship with our customers. This is why we have dedicated our time, effort and resources to offering them the best indoor and outdoor car covers to meet their needs. 
What makes us different and why are we your ideal choice when looking for a car protective cover?


We Have 10 Years Experience

Price match guarantee

Guaranteed Fitting

We Offer The Best Quality Covers

With Auto Lover, quality is a guarantee. We value our customers, and we take their vehicles like our own. We are here to help them maximise value while minimising cost by providing them with durable car covers which ensures that they do not keep going back to the store to get replacements. If well maintained, the covers can serve you the longest period possible.

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At Auto Lover, we offer a wide variety of covers for all models and make. So, you will definitely find the best one for your beast!

Our lightweight but still durable covers are ideal even for the harshest weather conditions. 


How to select the best Ford car cover?

Before you choose the best protection among so many Ford car covers pay attention to the following factors:

Where you park your car will tell you whether you need an indoor or outdoor car cover. Do you park your Ford in front of the house or in an outdoor parking area? In that case, you will need an outdoor car cover! The latter is made of a high-density waterproof material that can withstand all kinds of hazards that mother nature puts on your car’s way!

If you park your car indoors, you’ll need an indoor car cover that is made of elastic and stretchy materials. As your car doesn’t face the same hazard in your garage, you won’t need a car cover with dense materials. Your indoor protection will make sure that your beloved pets don’t leave scratches on your car and the thick layers of dust don’t destroy its freshly painted body!

After you purchase the car cover, read the instructions carefully. Its installation is simple and takes a few minutes but it’s always better to read the steps before you use it for the first time. The cover should hug your vehicle tightly. If it’s left loose on the car, the dirt and dust accumulated between the cover and your car will cause scratches on the car’s finish.

Make sure that you choose the right Ford cover that matches all your needs! Keep in mind that car cover is a one-time investment that will save your money as you won’t have to repair your car so frequently.


What Auto Lovers say...

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Cameron McLean


No disadvantages actually. I love the cover.

Reece H.


This is a great cover. Thick, waterproof, and durable. Exactly what I needed for my vehicle.

Noah D.


The material is stretchy enough and the feel is nice.

Jamie Herbert


Just got the cover yesterday. Looks nice and soft. The delivery was prompt. I haven't had a chance to try it out yet, but I'll update my review as soon as I test it properly.

Noe Boswell


It's a wonderful way of keeping the cars sparkling clean before the show. No speck of dust can make it through!

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