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A Complete Guide On Car Cover Types And Their Use

Christian Petterson

August 6, 2023

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Car protection is no joke! There are a lot of things that can damage your car, which include bad weather conditions, dirt, dust, moisture, Sun rays, kids running around, animals scratching it, and why not, even some bad people trying to steal it. The list goes on and on…

You want to prevent all that from spoiling your investment and, let’s face it, a car can be a pretty hefty investment. What’s the best way to do that? Purchasing a car cover, of course!

The most effective investment to protect your vehicle from unexpected elements is a durable and top-notch car cover. While many people are unaware of the criteria to consider prior to purchasing a cover, this guide is designed to help them make the right choice. We will cover the various factors and certain pointers to keep in mind when buying a new cover.

What type of car cover should you use?

For starters, you may pick the right cover considering where you park your vehicle; there are different covers available for cars parked indoors and outdoors because these serve to protect the vehicle from specific elements depending on the parking area. Also, whether you choose an indoor or outdoor cover, the level of protection varies as well. Finally, it is important how often you use your car. So there are 2 major types of car covers, indoor and outdoor car covers.

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No matter what type of car you need to shield and from what, it will be either parked inside or outside.

Let’s discuss each of them in detail, and see what types of covers will suit your particular needs and will be perfect for your particular situation.

Outdoor Car Covers

There are many characteristics that an outdoor cover needs to have, like being made of high density materials that are processed with waterproof coating, fit in a tight and secure manner. Good
outdoor car covers protect your car from the rain, dirt, UV rays and other elements of weather, as
well as scratches and dents.

Outdoor covers differ by their level of waterproofness, strength, weight and some other features, that you can see in the comparison chart.

What to Look for When Selecting a Outdoor Car Cover

Here you need to describe that the fabric needs to be with high density material, which will prevent the car from snow, rain, dirt, dust, UV rays, scratches.

If you need to have extra protection you can choose the cover that have soft inner layer extension. Also the softness of materials insures that it will lick the moisture and will prevent the car from rust.

It is beneficial that outdoor car cover has straps and buckles that will attach the cover around the tyres to protect it from wind and keep the cover attached to the car.

Also it is important that the cover has a cable lock located underneath the car to keep the cover in place and protect the vehicle from heavy winds. If you order Outdoor Pro or Outdoor All seasons models from Auto Lover, you will get cable and lock as a gift. Also, our covers have an elastic band in the frond and the rear parts.

Moreover, stitching may not seem all that important, but if a cover doesn’t have a tight, well-sealed seam, then it doesn’t matter how durable the fabric is. Ideally, you would want ultrasonically welded seams, with double stitching for added strength and water resistance.

Indoor Car Covers

Moving on from the types of outdoor covers and their use in various situations, other people would rather park their vehicle in their garage and need to protect their vehicle; a car parked in an indoor environment can also risk being harmed. The closed space filled with forgotten utilities, toys, and furniture won’t help in the car’s protection.

  • Dust
  • Dents and ding
  • Scratches
  • Spill stains

Thus, no matter where you rest your vehicle, it needs to be protected. To find the best car cover to fit your needs you need to consider the level of the protection you need in your garage. If you wish to protect your car only from dust or scratches, the Indoor Soft Pro will be more suitable. However, if you are afraid that children or animals scratch your car while it is parked in the garage, the best option is the Indoor Premium as it is fabricated with thicker material than the Indoor Soft Pro.

When it comes to indoor protection you want your car to be safe but at the same time breathe. Just as in the case with outdoor storage, indoor storage has its dangers too with trapping moisture.

What you need is a breathable car cover! It has 3 main functions:

  • Keeping the dust away from your car
  • Keeping it scratch, dent and spill-free
  • Making sure no humidity is trapped


These covers are made of highly breathable material that allows the air to get it, and at the same keeps the dust and harmful particles away.

The material is soft, and at the same time elastic, which gives your car a snug fit and doesn’t scratch it.

When should you use an indoor cover? When your car is parked in a tight garage, also when you have multiple cars and don’t use them every day to keep the harmful elements away.

If you wish to reveal you car, you need Reveal car cover. They are for car shows! You know those ones, where all the shiny and batmobile-looking cars of the future are presented. It’s pretty much a large piece of clothing, that goes over the car, hiding it from the audience and at the same time doesn’t reveal the shape.

This is one of the best car covers for auto shows! It presents your car in a very luxurious way and comes in a variety of colours to match your style and presentation.

In case you have an automobile show coming up, make sure to get one of those, to present your new model with the chic and glory it deserves.

At Auto Covers, we like to say - “Save your money and time on car maintenance so you can spend it with your family”. A car cover will keep your car safe regardless of where it is parked.

Car Cover

Outdoor Car Covers

Our products include special covers for outdoor


Car Cover

Indoor Car Covers

Our products include special covers for outdoor


Car Cover

Indoor Car Covers

Our products include special covers for outdoor


Type of Fit

Car covers can be classified into three main categories—the Universal Fit, the Custom Cover, and the Semi-Custom Cover.


Universal Fit Covers

The universal fit covers have a standard and generic shape that ideally serve to protect wide types of vehicles. While they tend to be too large or small, they might not make a good fit to specific car models. This feature makes installing the cover a bit complicated. On the bright side, the universal fit covers are more affordable and usually available in stock at retailers. This is because these covers are made fabricated with inexpensive and thin elements that presumably aren’t used to protect cars parked outside and need to be changed more often.


Custom Covers

Unlike the universal fit covers, the custom covers make the ideal fit for your vehicle. However, they are more expensive and limited to fit the specific car model it was initially designed for. The price isn’t dependent on the material used but rather the size of the unique car cover. Sometimes these covers are torn around the mirror pocket seams only a year after their use. Meanwhile, semi-custom fit covers are more affordable and tend to last longer. Because they are only ordered in bulk, these covers are less expensive than the custom covers.

Semi-Custom Covers

The best match in terms of fitting and price, semi-custom covers are in most cases easier to use and install, and its shipping can be done instantly. Specifically designed for effective protection, the high-quality product can be exchanged or returned seamlessly. When creating semi-custom covers, the vehicle’s model, dimensions, and unique features are all considered beforehand. The difference between a semi-custom and a custom cover is a couple of inches for a cheaper price!

Auto Lover suggests semi-custom car covers which are high quality and balanced with fit, quality and price.

Installation Tips

We have thoroughly discussed all types of covers and their best use. Now let’s focus on how to install them. Here are a couple of general tips:

  • Make sure the car is clean and dry before placing the cover;
  • Ensure that all the windows and the sunroof are closed;
  • If your car is a convertible, store the roof in place.

Those are the major tips, all car cover owners need to follow, despite the car cover type, i.e. indoor or outdoor. There are also several tips for easy installation. Those include:

Step 1

Start placing the cover from the front – usually, there is a tag to identify.

Step 2

Secure the bumper part of the car.

Step 3

For outdoor covers – ensure you have secured the lock underneath the car – to keep the cover in place at all times.

See the installation process in the video.


As any product, if maintained correctly, will serve you for years to come! The up-keeping of the covers are not all that complicated and pretty straightforward. There are of course a couple of rules to follow. Those include:

Do not scratch or force the fit of the cover;

Wash the cover regularly;

Do not toss the cover just anywhere - make sure to fold it nicely and neatly;

Do not try to fit a cover purposed for a particular car over another;

Make sure you always use the cover lock, to keep it from sliding off or being blown away completely;

Prevent any damage to the cover as it compromises its integrity and might cause malfunction.

There is also the matter of storage. Most covers come with a handy storage bag that can easily be kept in the trunk. It makes it easy to fold and keep the cover at hand at all times, simultaneously providing a secure and clean place for storage.


As you can see, covers are very important to keep your car from harm’s way. Bad weather? Tricky parking space? Kids are not careful enough? All these problems can be put to rest with the right vehicle protective cover. A correctly picked cover can also extend the paintwork lifespan and your car’s shine.

Make sure you take into consideration all the factors, before choosing a cover, and a guide of its types is there to help you along the way.

Scratch that one worry off your list and choose from the best Auto Lover has to offer, that ideally fits your needs.

It’s about Cars. It’s about Safety. It’s about Time.

Join Auto Covers Club for new care tips, discount codes, vidoes and more!


The outdoor pro is a convenient car cover to protect your vehicle when you’ve parked it in an outdoor space. It is tailored to fit the shape, length, and size of your car, as stated by the manufacturer to offer maximum protection.

This cover is made out of high-density material that does not shrink or scratch your ride. What’s even better is that it has a highly developed fabric that contains tough waterproof skin with a rubberized texture such that no matter how hard it rains or how snowy it gets, your car remains intact. The outdoor pro is also easily washable, so if dust or other particles accumulate on it, you can slide it off and wash it yourself.

We provide a wide range of sizes for both small and larger cars. With us, you are guaranteed to find a perfect solution for your vehicle. It’s also easy to fit our covers. Just ensure your car is clean and dust-free before storage.

Outdoor Pro has endless benefits. Not only does it keep your car safe from potential damage, but it also keeps it clean for a long time.

We take pride in our partially customized covers, designed to fit your car like a glove. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we've outlined our meticulous process to ensure precision and accuracy:


Initial Dimension Check:

We start by checking our database for your vehicle's dimensions. If we don't have your car's specs, we'll reach out via email to gather the necessary information.


Special Features Confirmation:

If your car has unique extras like a spoiler or roof rack, we'll request a photo. This allows us to tailor your cover perfectly.


Customized Upgrades:

When special modifications or upgrades are needed, we craft them from scratch, ensuring they meet your specific requirements.


Manufacturing Time:

While we keep stock for popular models, most covers are made to order. Typically, it takes 2-3 days for processing. However, during peak seasons, this may extend to 3-7 days.



Our standard delivery time is 3-5 business days. Please be aware that occasionally, due to logistics and high demand, delivery may take 5-8 business days.

Overall, it's important to note that our semi-custom process ensures a perfect fit. Due to this approach, the entire delivery period may range from 10 to 15 business days. We appreciate your patience as we work diligently to provide you with a high-quality cover that matches your car's specifications.