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We offer car covers all over the UK and we deliver within the shortest period regardless of where you live, with free shipping. Our covers have been well tested and proven that they can take any conditions, such as harsh weather, dust, and scratches. We are confident that you will love and be satisfied with what you get. All our covers are certified by the appropriate authorities and come with at least a 1-year warranty. The regulatory authorities certify our covers, and they all come with a warranty. Our goal is to help you save money while keeping your vehicle in the right shape.

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Understanding how much of an investment your vehicle is and how much you need to protect it comes without a manual. Your car is prone to a variety of risks both when parked and when on the road. When we talk about risks, they include dust, scratches, water damage, UV rays damage, you name them. Regardless of how expensive your vehicle is or how well you have built your garage, the damage will still be caused in one way or the other, and it can be super frustrating. We, however, believe in keeping your vehicle safe and have dedicated our time, effort and resources to offering all our clients with the best protection for their cars so that everyone gets the peace of mind they need while at work, asleep or when on the road on a bad weather day.

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We have been in the motor covers industry for over ten years, which has helped us gain extensive knowledge and experience on the same. We consider ourselves as car covers veterans. Our team of experts has dedicated its time, efforts, expertise, innovative professionalisms and resources to produce the best quality covers that there is in the market. We create and develop highly efficient and reliable car covers which include dust car covers, truck covers, motorbike covers, indoor and outdoor covers just to mention a few. We have also gone over our heels to make customized covers for our clients to ensure that the cover you get perfectly meets your needs, budget and that it fits your car like a glove. You can consider yourself comprehensively covered with our products regardless of your car type and budget.