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Protect Your Car with Outdoor Covers
Ready for Any Weather - Our outdoor car covers are designed to withstand the diverse weather conditions in the United States, ensuring your car stays protected from rain, snow, and more.
Tailored for Your Vehicle - We meticulously measure your car model's exact dimensions, as provided by the manufacturer, and personalize the cover for a snug and secure fit, guaranteeing top-tier protection.

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Benefits of Using an Outdoor Car Cover

Outdoor car covers are essential for safeguarding your valuable investment. Created to endure various weather conditions, these covers are suitable for all types of vehicles. We provide semi-custom covers that offer top-notch protection while still preserving a stylish and streamlined appearance.

  • Superior Protection 
  • Maintain Appearance
  • Cost-Effective Maintenance


I was super excited with a hassle-free installation of this indoor car cover, with its high level of protection against dust, scratches while my car parked in the garage.


"I purchased this wonderful cover for over three months ago. It's incredibly easy to fit onto the car, with wind buckles and clips ensuring a secure attachment. The car cover provides protection against knocks and dust, whether stored in the garage or parked outside."

Adrian Gough

"The cover fits the car really well, is extremely soft, and comes with a great carrying case. I would definitely recommend it to anyone requiring reliable protection for their cars indoors."


"An outstanding car cover that provides exceptional protection and convenience. I highly recommend it to all car owners who value quality and peace of mind.'


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Get the Best Protection for Your Car
Crafted with a Focus on Quality - Our indoor car covers are designed to provide a perfect fit, ensuring that dust, scratches, and wear are kept at bay.
Convenient Usage and Storage - Applying and removing our indoor car covers is a breeze, and they come with a handy storage bag for added convenience.
Elevate your car's protection today with the best choice available!

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Benefits of Using an Indoor Car Cover

Safeguard your cherished vehicle from dust, dirt, and scratches with our top-notch indoor car covers, ensuring it remains in impeccable condition throughout the year. Explore the benefits of investing in an indoor car cover.

  • Dust Protection
  • Scratch Prevention
  • Enhanced Shine
  • Cost-Effective Maintenance
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What Our Customers Say

jamescfr Absolutely chuffed with my new indoor car cover! It's the perfect solution for keeping my cars spotless and secure. #AutoEnthusiast

adamc3046 All Clean and tucked away in my new indoor cover.

I’ve now got one for the Cobra and one for the MG too!

murdered.6.4 Wanted to give a big shout out to  for the cover ! Fits perfectly and keeps my car nice and clean!Taking it off feels like unwrapping on Christmas Day.

Anthony W. I've tried other covers, but this one is top-notch. It protects my car from dust and keeps it looking showroom-ready. Fantastic purchase!

je_Idnm Keeping the M3 super-fresh this winter with the car cover... Be it indoors, or outdoors they've got you covered



Ma_nl34 The indoor car cover is a game-changer! My car stays pristine, and it's effortless to use. Highly recommend!

Two thumbs up!

How to Choose a Audi Car Cover?


Consider where you park your vehicle

To begin with, it's essential to choose the appropriate car cover based on where you park your vehicle. Different covers are available for cars parked indoors and outdoors, as they serve to shield the vehicle from specific elements depending on the parking area.

Consequently, there are two primary types of car covers: indoor and outdoor car covers.


Choose the level of protection you need

Select the level of protection that suits your needs When considering car covers, you can choose between two main options:

Outdoor Car Covers: These covers are designed to shield your car from various outdoor elements such as rain, dirt, UV rays, and potential scratches and dents. The level of protection varies based on factors like waterproofness, strength, weight, and additional features, which can be viewed in the provided comparison chart.

Indoor Car Covers: If you park your car indoors, these covers will protect it from dust and scratches. The different levels of protection available can be found in the comparison chart below.


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We take pride in what we do, and we firmly believe in building a valuable and meaningful long-term relationship with our customers. This is why we have dedicated our time, effort and resources to offering them the best outdoor car covers to meet their needs. 
What makes us different and why are we your ideal choice when looking for a car protective cover?


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With Auto Lover, quality is a guarantee. We value our customers, and we take their vehicles like our own. We are here to help them maximise value while minimising cost by providing them with durable car covers which ensures that they do not keep going back to the store to get replacements. If well maintained, the covers can serve you the longest period possible.

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Josh Jackson


This cover is soft and stretchy. Looks great and protects the car from accidents in the garage

Gabriel Hilton


I live in a humid area, so I have to be careful even when the car is in the garage. That's why I got this indoor cover. This is the best solution for me as it doesn't allow any humidity buildup underneath.

Harvey Power


Finally no bird poop on my car! Yey! I couldn't be happier. This thing is easy to wash too.

Bryan D.


Bought one for myself and for my brother. Didn't regret it for a second! The cover is great and fits the car perfectly.

Jamie Sharp


I had a choice between this one and the indoor basic, I hope I made the right choice. It seems very soft and the fabric is elastic.

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Here at Auto Lover, we can guarantee a quality fabric at a great price. Use our site to search for the perfect cover to suit your needs. Our products are long-lasting, made from a high-quality breathable material to protect your vehicle in all conditions. The fabric we use has undergone extensive tests for quality and durability so that we know we are supplying our customers with the best possible product.

Owning an Audi sounds like a luxury that some people can only dream of, so if you have one, you’re probably a very satisfied individual. After all, you own one of the most luxurious cars in existence and have it all for yourself to do whatever you want with it. But as with any car owner, regardless of its mark, make, or type, you want to be extra careful with it, if not to pay a lot of money on repairs, then to simply avoid having to visit the mechanic every week.


You probably store your Audi locked inside your secure garage, with all the modern conveniences of proper air ventilation, which is well organized and designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind. But even the best, most secure garage out there will have a few unavoidable weaknesses, which you’ll need some extra protection. And this extra protection comes in the form of an Audi car cover.


A precisely organized garage can still pose many hazards, regardless of how safe you think it is. Unless you have a warehouse-sized garage and you keep your Audi directly in the center, away from everything, there is a chance that something can fall on your car and scrape, dent, or even poke a hole in it. Not only is this an expensive repair to make, but also each and every subsequent time that you take your Audi in for a little fixing, you lower its longevity and value more and more.


What the best Audi car cover on the market will do, is protect it from these kinds of hazards by providing it with an extra layer of defense against any falling items. Thanks to its high-tech mesh and very tight weave, it will prevent anything, from falling objects to dust from damaging your Audi, costing you precious time in repairs.


If you take your Audi out for a drive once in a while, whether to go out of town or visit some friends, you may have to park it outside. Initially, the weather’s great, but then all of a sudden, it starts pouring, and there is no proper shelter for it nearby. Sure, a little drizzle once in a while won’t hurt your vehicle at all but left out in the rain long enough, certain parts of it will begin to rust.


With an Audi car cover, you can protect it from the rain, even during the most pouring storms. Thanks to the design of the cover, an Audi cover for your vehicle will keep it safe and dry. The breathable fabric allows for better release of the vapors which build upon the car’s surface, which means that less moisture will stay on the exterior and for a shorter time. 


Again, there’s nothing wrong with a little water on the surface of any car; the many layers of paint protective coating are designed to prevent the rain from seeping through the exterior and reaching the inside. But keep the car wet long enough without proper protection, and you’ll find rusting and other corrosive defects on the inner workings the next time you visit your mechanic. 


This is why car covers are among the first accessories most drivers and collectors purchase, and you can find a large variety of them, both generic and a custom fit, at Auto Lover USA.